We promise to care for you, and about you, in a manner that places you and your family at the centre of everything we do. We recognise that you are an individual with unique needs and expectations. We recognise the importance of your family and loved ones in your healing process. We are here to ensure that we provide you with the best and safest care, when you need it and in a way that we would wish for our loved ones.

Chair’s review

“In addressing the compounding public health and socioeconomic risks associated with COVID-19, on a scale not seen before, we are bound to act first as a healthcare provider in fulfilment of our purpose. Our challenge as leaders is to do so without relinquishing the longer-term aims of our strategy. In 2020, I believe this critical balance was achieved to the best of our ability given the circumstances.”

– Thevendrie Brewer, Board Chair

Chief Executive
Officer’s review

“In Netcare’s history, neither the richness of the human experience nor the physical and psychological wellbeing it is premised on, has ever been under greater threat than in 2020. And never have we fought harder to preserve both. In our battle against COVID-19, our commitment to our calling as healthcare professionals and to our purpose and values as a provider of health and care services to South Africa, have been tested and not found wanting.”

– Dr Richard Friedland, Group CEO

Managing the

Our strategy

Netcare’s strategy responds decisively to the changing healthcare environment and will create sustainable competitive advantage for the Group. It reinvents how we deliver health and care, moving away from the siloed and episodic approach typical of traditional healthcare provision. It will enable us to provide seamless and integrated services across all our platforms, enabled by digitisation and informed by rich data. As we accelerate its implementation over the medium term (three to five years), we expect to achieve a care offering that is highly differentiated in SA, driving above market growth and earning enhanced returns for the Group. These are the outcomes against which all our strategic initiatives are evaluated and measured.

Chief Financial
Officer’s review

“The emergence of COVID-19 in South Africa in March made the 2020 financial year one of the most extraordinary periods in Netcare’s 23-year history. However, our efforts in past years to achieve an optimal capital structure resilient to economic shocks is standing us in good stead in our comprehensive response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing socioeconomic crisis.”

– Keith Gibson, Group CFO

Environmental, social
and governance (ESG)

Our strategy explicitly commits us to drive positive and sustainable transformation at organisation, sector and societal levels, underpinned by our leadership in environmental sustainability and climate-smart healthcare. We strive to deepen the value of our service to society by making defensible decisions to balance financial and social returns over time, which accountability we readily assume as fiduciaries for all our stakeholders. To this end, we continue to align our ESG measurement and disclosure to credible global frameworks to facilitate comparability with other entities.


Our environmental sustainability strategy underpins our global and local leadership in climate-smart healthcare, and drives environmental performance excellence.


As a provider of health and care, our business and social purpose are reconcilable. We seek to compete and grow on behalf of our stakeholders in the private healthcare sector, and to return value to our shareholders. We find this to be entirely reconcilable with being a powerful force for good in how we choose to manage our resources and invest in our relationships, for the benefit of current and future South Africans.


Our business model, premised on realising the outcomes of the Quadruple Aim, is underpinned by a governance philosophy that supports the creation of measurable value for our stakeholders in the healthcare sector, and more broadly in our society.

Global Reporting Initiative

We report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Standards core option. Our online GRI report covers our approach to human capital, environmental, supply chain and transformation management, as well as the GRI Standards content index and indicators.